4 Aralık 2012 Salı

Be still, my spirit!


Lately, I've happened to become obsessed with the still life thing in photography and styling. I wonder if it also happens to the others, that very moment at which you feel like your mind is gonna explode due to the overdose exposure to visual images for about non-stop 3-4 hours. Right at that moment I am dying for a clean and simple image with soothing colors on the background. It kinda relieves my mind and feels like fresh air to my brain. And I don't mean the scenery images, I mean the 'still life' images. There's something incredibly soothing about the still-life images that works for me. (Of course I exclude the ones like you can find in Vogue Italia's 'jewelry' section! They'd be whole another panic attack triggers at such moments!)
So as the situation is, I keep a 'In case of emergency' file in sight all the time on my desktop. And my latest sedative is by Church's official site. 
Speaking of Church's, damn yes, all I want for the 'to-be-luckiest-year-ever' is the iconic 'Constance' from the brand! (The star of the still-life above)

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