28 Ağustos 2011 Pazar

The romantic boy

The product of the best collaboration ever, i.e. the lookbook of Rodarte's fall 2011 collection for Opening Ceremony is out there on the internet! The whole collection is once again breathtaking but i have especially  fallen for one piece. It's a men's shirt with the Carl Larsson print on it.(If i'm not mistaken.) He's one of my favourite artists, a Swedish painter who lived in the 18th century.His works are my muse because they are all relaxing and romantic, i think that's because of the effect given with the soft colours he used.  
Soo, short of that, we'd like to see boys wearing that amazing shirt with a Carl Larsson print on it everywhere.  It's so eye-catching! 

27 Ağustos 2011 Cumartesi

It's Natalie Vodianova!

I have just bought the September issue of Vogue Turkey, for which i've been highly curious about seeing who's going to appear on the cover of it. And ta taam! It's Natalie Vodianova! The Vogue Turkey plays it really big! And with this issue, for me, they really have made their names shine among the other editions of Vogue.
And you should go and get one immediately, even it's not as much as huge as the September, 2007, issue of  US Vogue, it's still huge! 

25 Ağustos 2011 Perşembe

Hermés, the irresistible!

Christine Centenera 

If you are in the habit of checking the street style photos regularly, then surely you know this woman. She is the fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar Australia. She is one of the women whose style i most admire. It's edgy and full of surprises.
In this photo she's shot by Phil Oh, and what i can't take my eyes off is the jacket on her. It's an Hermes scarf   made into jacket. The Hermes scarves are already irresistibly perfect and in the form of a bomber jacket, it is much, much more irresistible!

23 Ağustos 2011 Salı


I've been looking for a vintage washed sweatshirt with Coca-Cola logo on it for ages. I don't know why but for me the logo of Coca-Cola is both the coolest and the most eyeable logo of all times. It never ever becomes outdated! And i've just seen the exact one i've been craving for on the official site of Alice Rosati, whom is my another favourite photographer, while i've been looking through her online portfolio of editorials. God, want this so badly! 

22 Ağustos 2011 Pazartesi

Role Exchanging in Fashion!

Miles Aldridge is one of the fashion photographers whose work i totally admire. I told about him at one of my previous posts. Looking through the photographs shot by him is like watching a short film. The cinematic atmosphere he creates in his shoots is his signature, we all agree on that. 
Once again, Aldridge makes us wow at him with the shoot he did for Vogue Italia. In the editorial, the little girl and the mother exchange their roles with each other. She combs her mother's hair, reads her a book before going to sleep and makes her finish her plate. All the outfits, the accesorises and the props together are so spectacular that they leave me speechless and make me want to look at them over and over again. 

20 Ağustos 2011 Cumartesi


Do you remember those creepy yellow-eyed panther prints looking you straight in the eye through the designs of Riccardo Tisci for 2011-2012 fall collection? (I'm dying to get one of those print skirts!) The models walking down the runway with the expression akin to those panthers were carrying the super cool plastic cat-eye glasses with the panther details lying on the earpieces. They are the most beautiful cat-eye glasses i've seen so far. And those in various colors will hit the stores on September. Can't wait to try them on!

17 Ağustos 2011 Çarşamba

The tricky outfit!

The reason i have a crush on this image is not because of the outfit 'itself' but the girl inside of it. This girl knows pretty well how to mix the textures and patterns, and has a unique style which makes you turn your head and look for the every detail of the outfit from head to toe. At first sight, it seems like a one-piece outfit, but when you zoom in, you can see that the girl has created this illusion by matching two pieces with the same flowery pattern but with different textures. It looks as if the the flowers keep falling down from top to toe...In a word; impressing!

14 Ağustos 2011 Pazar

The tale of Kate Moss..

I can guess that you are on the brink of getting fed up with seeing Kate's (Moss)wedding photos on every fashion site. But for me, i'm not. Because, come on guys, we're talking about Kate here. As Galliano said; 'She is the last one of the England roses.' She is the one who has been an icon for the whole fashion world since she was 16 and always remain like that, even after she dies. She is the only one of her field! Of course i cannot neglect N. Campbell, C. Schiffer or M. Jovovich or the other big guns but for me Kate is a whole another story. Maybe that's because of her clothing style, i don't know, but i've always felt that she stands closer to the public than the others in her field. She lacks this snob model attitude. I mean, I've never seen N. Campbell in muddy Hunter boots (which we all can afford) heading for the Glastonbury Festival....
 She has fully grown into a woman, and we've observed what she has been through all these years. And now, she smiles ardently to Mario Testino, holding the hand of her lover on one side and her daughter's on the other. For short, i feel happy for her when i look at the images above and see her being successful not only at her career but also at her private life.
Best Wishes Kate!

Photos: Vogue.com 

12 Ağustos 2011 Cuma

The curly hair: Vol.2

Since i was with my super cute, curly haired friend Maria for a whole month in Italy, i've begun to have a thing for the curly hair once again. Whenever i see a girl with to-be-wowed-at long curly hair, i think of having the same model, but as i'm totally nuts about the straight hair, once again i give up and turn back to my hail-fellow-well-met; i.e my straightener. And, that's probably because i know it won't look that amazing on me at all. 
Just have a look at the girl i've just seen on Stockholm Street Style; her hair has absolutely knocked me dead! I have never ever seen such glamorous, silky smooth and magnificent curly hair before. Even not on Shakira! She could go out naked with that hair, seriously! That's all she needs for glowing! 

11 Ağustos 2011 Perşembe

A Bite of Emmet Cullen!

I hadn't heard about a denim company named Dylan George before until i saw its ad campaign for Fall 2011 on models.com . The moment i saw the shoot it reminded me of the video clip of Enrique Iglesias, 'Hero', in which Jennifer Love Hewitt accompanied him, despite the fact that the models showing up in this campaign are way much hotter than both Iglesias and Hewitt.(Sorry for that!) If i am to introduce you the models; the male one, whom you all probably know, is Kellan Lutz, the one who plays the super cute Emmet Cullen character in the movie: 'Twilight'. And the female model is the renowned Anne Vyalitsyna. They are absolutely like fire and powder together! Maybe just because of the hotness of the models, (no, not that......ok, damn yes!) the whole shoot make me want to go and buy one of the denims by this brand immediately! So, thumbs up for the makers of the ad campaign!

9 Ağustos 2011 Salı


Take a look at this! It's so Jean Paul Gaultier-ish, and is definitely the one i would madly want/need  for wearing at the beach. (In fact it's a bra but who cares!) The owner of the fancy blog, Tales of Endarment, Natalie Joos, who is a fashion consultant found this bra on Ebay and combined it with a high waisted skintight black shorts, which is so 60s. 

7 Ağustos 2011 Pazar

The Tees

I've been looking for a tee with a both humorous and meaningful remark on it for ages. But, i don't mean the one that is totally banal, but kind of an 'original' one. And finally i've found it or rather 'them', because it is impossible to choose one among the others. The tees are by Jac Vanek and I came up to the brand on 'Bleach Black'. The lookbook of it is literally 'gorgeous'. The whole shoot, which takes place underwater with wet and hot models, makes the tees look more and more cool than they normally are.

6 Ağustos 2011 Cumartesi

LOVE does it again!

If you've seen one of the editorials by the LOVE Magazine before, from that point on you'll probably guess right the editorials published by this magazine. The attitude of the magazine toward fashion is bold, limitless and always enthralling (and a little bit creepy sometimes). For short, it is the only one of its kind! And as for me, that's because there is only one Katie Grand in the world! (the editor-in-chief of the magazine.)
The editorial, photographed by Mert&Marcus and styled by Katie Grand, for the fall edition of LOVE Magazine is another instance of what i've just told you above. All again; the magazine, Katie Grand and Mert&Marcus deserve a big wow! While looking through the pictures it's really hard to believe that 'this is real'. It's like a wrap-up version of a epic fantasy novel with images. So surrealistic and creepy but as always enthralling!