4 Ağustos 2011 Perşembe

'Totally' Organic!

I like spending hours on Etsy.com, because it gets you to know many super creative designers and artists that are mostly unrecognized around the 'design' world. Also it is a perfect resource for you to dive into a huge world of vintage apparel. Ok, i'm going to keep this short. My latest favourite shop on Etsy is by Colleen Jordan. She is the one to whom the brilliant idea of 'wearable plant(er)s' occured.  She designed these 'wearable planters' using a modelling software and then 3D printed them and voila! As i'm a kind of person who gets itchy with every kind of plants but just flowers, i go for the one that can be used as a brooch. It will look totally romantic with a tiny daisy or a clover in it and pinned on the collar of a soft coloured jacket.

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