22 Şubat 2012 Çarşamba

The Planet 'Burberry'

Well, guys, I know these four weeks go like the wind and it's quite impossible to catch up with every single fashion show but some of them really do worth talking about. Have you watched the Burberry show being broadcasted live? Well, we are all accustomed to the impeccable taste of Christopher Bailey that he displays both by his designs and by the music he chooses for his shows, but this time, the final of the show really did amaze me! That thunder sound (which I thought it was real for like 30 seconds), then the reapperance of models parading down the runway, holding umbrellas in their left hands (Have you seen the duck head shapes at the end of their crooks? Oh my! ) and the glittery rain pouring over the totally entranced crowd. All these seemed so magical. 


3 Şubat 2012 Cuma

The bf jeans!

I think we've had enough of these cuffed boyfriend jeans. Or am I the only one thinking like that? Whenever I put mine on i feel like i rolled them up so as not to make them sweep the floor on the muddy street or the toilet cabin. Yeah, i know this sounds like a grandma thing, but I've just happened to think about them this way. So, recently, I've begun to get my boyfriend jeans done just like the ones on the lady above. No rolling up, no messy look. And the result is ta taam; more elegant look! What do you think? You like your boyfriend jeans rolled up or clear cut?

1 Şubat 2012 Çarşamba

Breaking good news!

Who said that "Bad news travels fast"? Forget it. Here's the breaking news, a good one, from Opening Ceremony. The "Rodarte for Opening Ceremony" collection is now on sale, and how! You'd better hurry up and  not miss the heavenly pieces, i.e. those tucked long collared dress and the slashed maxi skirt, which i've been craving for ages. Oh my. I'm gone lads!