30 Temmuz 2011 Cumartesi

Ciao belli!

Ciao a tutti!
Guys i'm so sorry for this long pause i had to give! As i mentioned below, i have been in Italy for a month and have just returned home. My intention was to keep sending posts in Italy but unfortunately my laptop was broken during the rush in the airport while heading for Florence! Anyway, the trip was wonderful, every second of it was like a dream, me and my semi-italian friend, Maria, had fun all the time! 
(Not to mention that i brought like 20lbs of Italian magazines with me!)

Now, i would like to show you the most interesting outfits i captured with my camera while i was rolling through the streets of Florence. They both are made out of newsprint papers! (Yeah, i got inside the store just to touch them) The name of the store was ASPESI. I couldn't find any other outfits as interesting as these in the store but hooking up these two outfits in the shop window was a reasonable way to get the windowshoppers inside. (I don't know the others but it worked on me.)

1 Temmuz 2011 Cuma

E.W. style

Some people are born to be cool, and Erin Wasson is one of them. The super cool model, stylist and designer has posed for the June issue of Elle France, and once again dazzled us with her effortlessly chic look and bohemian style.