30 Eylül 2013 Pazartesi

Bizarreness is the new black!

Do you remember Chanel's last year's ad campaign? The one in which models strike bizarre poses on the couch. When I first saw it, I literally burst into laughter juust like this. 

But after the joy of extreme awkwardness I get from the ad faded away, I got shaken (again) by the idea of how we have been accustomed to see this contempt and gone numb by it.
Yolanda Dominguez, a visual artist, has protested this humiliation of women in one of her latest project; Pose Nº5, "in which anonymous women from around the world imitate the pose of Chanel'S 2013 campaign to highlight how ridiculous, artificial and comptuous the image of women too often is in the fashion industry."
The idea is witty and satirizing right on target. 
And it really makes me LMAO!

25 Temmuz 2013 Perşembe


Ever wondered what would it be like if a woman had starred in 'Into the Wild'? I have. What's more, I thought about this idea at the first quarter of the movie, and furthermore what it would be like to style a fashion editorial regarding the plot of the movie and I felt guilty for still not being able to detach myself from the bourgeois world out there. Anyway, It's my favorite movie of all time, and it carries me far away every time I watch it. 
And so must Mr. Lindbergh and Grace Coddington have felt, they produced this wonderful editorial. 

9 Temmuz 2013 Salı

Beloved, My Beloved...

I know you just can't get enough of seeing stripes, anchors, white, navy, linen, cotton and many more 
everywhere and especially in your wardrobe since when you saw the first scorching beam of the sun. But speaking for myself, what to wear for the windy evenings has always been more of a problem to me. For all my life, no kidding, I've been dreaming to come across a hoodless sweatshirt with a very vivid hawaiian photograph printed on it. And finally, I've found my missing piece! And it's more than I've asked for, it's hard to keep yourself from adding dozens of designs to your shopping cart. By the way, the brand's name is 'Beloved', couldn't be more appropriate huh?

28 Nisan 2013 Pazar


Are you familiar with the feeling you had after shuttling from your lounge chair to the pool for hours ignorant of what time it is, needing for a rest, leaning your head on the decking of the poolside, thinking about how amazingly 'dolce' it is to live a life like this, with absolutely nothing on your mind except that bitch reminding you not to pee in the pool. That feeling I'm talking about is precisely the one you'll experience when shuffling through Slim Aarons photos.

In his own words, he called, what he made his career out of, "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places". In all his photos he emphasizes this glamour and joy of being calm and serene without even a slightest worry about the struggle to make a living, that's why we get this feeling of exact happiness from Aarons' photos. 

As summer dances right in front of us in a sensuos way during which you can't touch but only watch, Slim Aarons' photography is like a medicine for our souls craving to put their feet on the hot sand.

17 Nisan 2013 Çarşamba

When did we go 'modern' ?

How would you react  if you saw Vermeer's girl with the pearl earring with a pair of jeans on? If you would ask me, I got bewitched when I saw this photograph on the shelf of a bookstore and I can't help but adoring this phtograph, in which Dorothee Golz inserts the Renaissance-era portraits into the photographs of modern life, since I saw it on the cover of a Turkish magazine.
It's one of the best witty criticism I've ever seen of the contemporary life via the figures at classical era paintings.
If you want to see more of such compositions, you can check Golz's site
I don't know about you but when looking through these photos, I heaved a sigh of longing, longing for the past.
 It's a crystal-clear fact that women have gone much further than one could expect then, in terms of revealing and releasing her body. And to me, that's not modernity, that's a shame. (I mean revealing, of course not releasing.)

31 Mart 2013 Pazar

Je m'appelle Candy

As my fellas already know, I have a huge soft spot for everything that is published; magazines, books, booklets etc. and DVDs. Major part of my income are eaten up by these every single month and no regrets at all! 
And my third but not the last soul affair is with, as you may guess, the short films. I have a huge short film collection on my computer, either independent or commercial. 
But this time when I saw Roman Coppola's name on the screen, while stalking for a new fav on the internet, my heart, so to say, skipped a beat. 
Our beloved brand Prada's updated version of (I hope less) candy scented 'Candy L'eau', which is planned to hit the stores in April, is the key point of this lovely and witty short film.
The main girl of the film, Candy, in real life French actress Léa Seydoux, looks more than just glamorous. Candy colored set design, Léa's charming porcelain face, smooth bangs and oh-so-sweet shade of pink lipstick and polish she is wearing have totally got me drawn into the ambience of the film.
The whole flick is sooo Lula-ish, soo pleasing and soo Les Parapluies de Cherbourg-ish, and for those who are craving to experience a little bit more of it, 


To be continued...

28 Mart 2013 Perşembe

Salut Mrs. Dickies!

You love layering up but sometimes you end up like "What the big F?! I look like a damn Robocop!" in front of the mirror? Whokay then, here is your remedy coming from the very depth of the fashion history; the dickies!
When I was lingering through the scenes at Downtown Abbey to see how they could manage to  look damn so razor-sharp in which John Bates was helping his sir to get layered up with dozens of layers under, I noticed that they weren't actually wearing dozens of layers, so as to prevent their smokins looking lumpy and bulky, they were using dickies!

A dickie, though it may sound like a prettified version of a quite different 'thing' , is a piece of neckwear used to simulate an undershirt. And that fresh and crisp and crease-free look they have is all by dint of 'starching'.
Today, goddam unforunately starching is as dead as dodo but thank Goodness the dickies've made a comeback to save all of us, to give our flesh some space, who feel like naked when head out with just a single layer, be it a shirt, on top. I'm telling you I even layer my bikini tops!
After my lasting research on the internet, I've found myself in a heaven of dickies, yay! (God, how awkward it sounds://) What's more, they're not over-priced! (No offence big fashion houses but I'd rather not spend hundreds of dollars on a dickie!)

The name of this heaven is CeCe Toppings-they prefer calling them toppings instead of dickies, which is completely appropriate for a sedate brand- and there you have dozens of alternatives to pick up from. 
Take a look you're gonna love them!

Photo by Garance Dore

24 Mart 2013 Pazar

Woody Wood

Having led a life so far that I assume to be a potential inspiration only for Woody Allen (Man! He is my favourite one, he is the one and only director prettifying even the ridiculously dull lives, even when I'm crossing the street- I always compare certain phrases of my life with the ones through which the characters of Woody Allen go on the silver screen. For example, right now, I'm right in the middle of my 'Milly' phrase, with my goofy and overexcited face all the time. (Not that I've just met a casanova, don't let it be misunderstood) By the way don't get me started with my tempestuous Maria Elena phrase.
Whatever, this tshirt should be MINE ASAP! 
Yet more, isn't that a ravishing tattoo idea??

                                    “Written and directed by Woody Allen”

Scene 4



The girl stops writing, stands up and gets out of the room, hastily.

8 Mart 2013 Cuma

Combo No. 1

Bordeaux has been at its full speed for months, but now it has its bestie beside; 'le navy'! I can't help picturing them always together, my bordeaux skinny jeans, navy denim shirt and navy printed silk foulard have been the 'in case of urgency' combo of my wardrobe, always clean, always ironed. 
So in order not to live that morning crisis in front of your wardrobe, get your hands something bordeaux and something navy to go with it. They are both gonna be the lifesavers of your closet. 
Au revoir.
(Agh! I'm so much in a Francophile mood!)

More bordeaux inspiration:

4 Mart 2013 Pazartesi

Fifty Shades of Pink

We've all had enough of the shades of grey for the winter. As I'm all saluting the spring sun, these fifty shades of pink I've seen at the ongoing fashion shows have completely bared my soul. So, get ready to see lots of pink in this year's autumn, ranging from powdery pink to sugar pink. But the common point of all these pinks is they all look lady-like, not that pretty girly look we used to see around. Shortly, pink will be the new black, please kindly welcome it!
p.s. By the way, I'm all in a daze by the dozens of ways fur can be used other than the common ways. Fur t-shirt is definitely gonna be my all time favorite!

13 Şubat 2013 Çarşamba

90s Vogue: The Models

Does history really repeat itself?
I don't know about the history but it's for sure that fashion does repeat itself. No blame, 'cause fortunately people still hasn't had the superpower to create out of nothing, that's why we all keep getting inspired by the past or i.e. the known. Some designers have tried to reach and understand the unknown, RIP Alexander McQueen, but we all know that, for the time being, it's unquestionably impossible to grasp it completely. 
Anyway, the reason I've gotten a little bit philosophic is my birthday issue of Vogue UK. As I was flipping through the pages of the 23 years old magazine, I found myself in an urge to check the issue date once again. The editorials highlighting the trends of the autumn season of '90 are just like the ones we see every month in contemporary issues of Vogue, Elle or Harper's Bazaar. Tartans, tweeds, checks, herringbone patterns, oversized jumpers, minimalistic coats, winter white, trousersuits and so many others. The only clue you can get that this is not a present-day Vogue is the way the models are posed apart from their accessories and hairstyles. They look more natural, sincere and most importantly at ease. You can see that on their face, they look way much more 'real' than the models we are used to see today on the leading fashion magazines. Consequently, the first impression you get when you linger on the pages is an entire serenity. No fuss, no poker face, no extravagancy.