26 Eylül 2011 Pazartesi

The Blower's Shades

Look what i've just come across on the website of beautiful Natalie Joos:
 Shades with long satin ribbons functioning as the earpieces! It's pretty awesome to tie the ribbons of the shades behind your hair, and using them both as sunglasses and a hair accessory on hair being left open!

25 Eylül 2011 Pazar

Let us eat those!

Like most of you, i guess, i always look forward to watching the fashion shows by Karl Lagarfeld, because the set design of all his shows are unexceptionally fantastic ! As now it's "Milan Fashion Week" time, we need to wait a little bit more for the Chanel show to see with what Lagarfeld is going to amaze us once again. Before that, i want to tell you guys that i fell in love with the set design of the Moschino Cheap&Chic fashion show. It's seems as if the models walking down in a farmer's market, with the wooden boxes of real fruits and veggies in the background. The whole atmosphere is missioned to make us feel like in those summery days, and it's really worked on me!

19 Eylül 2011 Pazartesi

The pretty cutie!

I've just happened to see the cutest hat ever in the Burberry 2012 Spring/Summer fashion show. It's straw, and shaped like a 'hard-hat' (I'm not quite sure what's the exact name given to this hat, it's like the bell shaped cloche hat, but only on the front it has the rounded visor.) with a black pompom on the top. That's exactly what i'm going to crave for the next year's summer!

18 Eylül 2011 Pazar

The nymph!

For me she has got the most beautiful face on the earth! Not to mention her eyes, the way she looks, the way she smiles and the way she stands are all unique to her. She reminds me of the 'nixie' i.e. 'water nymph' which i used to hear about in the tales that my mother told me when i was a child. Together with this innocence look and astounding beauty, her one of a kind style makes her 'inmitable'.
And Stylecaster.com has shot an editorial, off which you can't take your eyes, starring the today's world's  abovementioned Nixie, Kate Bosworth. It's a total eye-candy!

12 Eylül 2011 Pazartesi

hello gorgeous!

I am desperately jealous of the shoe closet of Jane Aldridge! Here is 'another' pair of gorgeous shoes she has just bought. It's by Miu Miu and such a heavenly artifact.

9 Eylül 2011 Cuma

Are you ready boots???

It's on! The most sacred month of the 'fashion' world has already started! Starting with the NYFW, the preceding fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris will take us one year forward for just 4 weeks. What's so desperate about that is after it's over, it feels like we fall back to reality, and keep putting on those heavy coats and chunky sweaters, and hoping for the sunny days to come soon. But whatever, just let's enjoy this full-of-fashion month, and let me show you my favourite 2012 spring/summer looks so far:

    BCBG Max Azria

A sheer slouchy sweatshirt? Oh yes!

Rachel Comey

The coloring and the texture of the fabric used by Comey for this top and jacket reminds me of the feeling of the 'sand'. They stand as if they are screaming out 'come and feel me!'

And this basket shaped straw hat is to-die-for, for the summer 2012!

Nicholas K.

I loooved that super cool trenchcoat with large collars and asymmetric tail!

1 Eylül 2011 Perşembe

Time machine

London's largest shopping center, Westfield Stratford City, shot a super practical video in commemoration of their opening. It's super practical because in 100 seconds, you get the chance to make a quick journey through the last 100 years of fashion. The whole video is both super handy and fun!