13 Şubat 2013 Çarşamba

90s Vogue: The Models

Does history really repeat itself?
I don't know about the history but it's for sure that fashion does repeat itself. No blame, 'cause fortunately people still hasn't had the superpower to create out of nothing, that's why we all keep getting inspired by the past or i.e. the known. Some designers have tried to reach and understand the unknown, RIP Alexander McQueen, but we all know that, for the time being, it's unquestionably impossible to grasp it completely. 
Anyway, the reason I've gotten a little bit philosophic is my birthday issue of Vogue UK. As I was flipping through the pages of the 23 years old magazine, I found myself in an urge to check the issue date once again. The editorials highlighting the trends of the autumn season of '90 are just like the ones we see every month in contemporary issues of Vogue, Elle or Harper's Bazaar. Tartans, tweeds, checks, herringbone patterns, oversized jumpers, minimalistic coats, winter white, trousersuits and so many others. The only clue you can get that this is not a present-day Vogue is the way the models are posed apart from their accessories and hairstyles. They look more natural, sincere and most importantly at ease. You can see that on their face, they look way much more 'real' than the models we are used to see today on the leading fashion magazines. Consequently, the first impression you get when you linger on the pages is an entire serenity. No fuss, no poker face, no extravagancy.

5 Şubat 2013 Salı

Ain't No Sunshine without 'Yves'

I am still searching for a hundred percent reasonable explanation about "What the big F did they want from the 'Yves'?" As the legendary interlocked YSL logo has faded into the past- It was one of the most charismatic logo of the century without any doubts- we are still trying to get over this renaming trauma. Me myself, as a person deeply attached to the logos of any brand, be it a fruit juice brand, or an automobile brand, I still hold tight to my white t-shirt with the YSL logo on the front side and I am gonna double my rebellion with this new 'Ain't Laurent Without Yves' sweatshirt.
Saint Laurent.
For God's sake it doesn't even sound fun! 
Goodbye is too good word, so I'll just say fare thee well, Yves.