24 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi

On the rocks

Q:What would be the reason to love Scotch and Soda more? 
A: Seeing them make a collaboration with a designer for a capsule collection and name it Gin&Tonic and set its sight solely on the women browsing for an evening gown or suit or etc. to wear for a cocktail party at which gin&tonic would be consumed like water. 

I'm not a feminist nor am I a sexist but when I first heard of  the brand called Scotch and Soda, I said; 'Holy shit, this is the best of the best name ever that could be given to a men's clothing brand!'. It really is uncanny. I love the not-pushing-so-hard but 'distinctive' kind of sport-chic style of the brand but I've never ascribed the name of it to a place where women could shop from the women's section. (I do have 2 shirts from the brand and they are both from the men's collection) 
BUT let me lay aside my obssession with the brand's name and give the devil her due. That millitary jacket with ikat designed knitted sleeves is definitely a classic. It's so Scotch and Soda-ish and those sleeves, those ikat pattern (which is my favourite pattern) and that cosy feeling it gives is just splendid.

PS.1: The Amsterdam based fashion brand was founded in 2001 with men's collection only.
PS.2: The name of the women's collection is 'Maison Scotch', which is just 2 years old. 

18 Eylül 2012 Salı

Florence the Noble

Somebody please tell Florence Welch to take this incredible photo as an inspiration, as a starting point while shooting her next video clip or use it as an album cover, or as a concert poster but just make sure that she uses this photo and not let it just be seen on the September issue of Vogue US. 
The sword, the black horse, clouds, woods, brocade cape with golden embroideries and the vintage lace gown and floating scarlet hair; they all make Florence seem like a royal one coming out of the British history. A brave, noble and otherworldly beautiful warrior, like the Arwen character in the Lord of the Rings triology.

17 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi

Veiling Issue

Lately I've been thinking about the ways a woman can wear a bridal veil at her wedding. You may say why the hell have you been thinking about that, but there has been a wedding photos explosion on my facebook newsfeed for a couple of months. It's like everybody's getting married after graduating from the university! Of course it's a matter of choice so we respect them all, but the thing I want to speak of in here is the wedding dress and the veil. Every wedding dresses I've seen so far on my newly wed facebook friends' photos is a bit too much traditional! The gals don't let their creativity talks for themselves on their so-called happiest day ever, the day on which everything's supposed to be arranged in the way the bride and the groom desires to be, the day on which the bride's supposed to be the most beautiful girl of them all, the guests. But as my boyfriend says they all resemble a topsy-turvy pine tree:/ No offences. 
So, today, while checking on the looks from latest fashion shows on Style.com, Jeremy Scott's and Temperley London's fashion show made me feel as I found something I lost, the answer to my bridal veil issue! 

Why not to choose a hat, be it fedora, boater, beret or baseball cap and tuck the floor length/waist length tulle (or any other transparent fabric) into this hat instead of tucking them directly into the hair by using dozens of hair grip? This is absolutely what I'm gonna go for if I get married some day in the far away future. 

16 Eylül 2012 Pazar

It's All about the Eyes

Let the fashion pro.s rush from NY to London, London to Milan and so on. No matter what they say, I feel delighted by sitting on my cosy sofa with the latest updates from the fashion weeks near at my hand, on the click of my mouse. 
From the shows I've checked up on until now, what I've admired most in some of them is the way the designers use 'trompe l'oeil'. Some of you might have heard this term before but for those who haven't it is an art technique used to create optical illusion, making the objects seem three dimensional. This is my fav technique ever I've learnt from the art history book, and now seeing it being used by the fashion designers is a huge pleasure. 
The clothes sewed up by this technique seem like they are hanging freely on model's body. As if they were glued onto the body piece by piece, or like embroidered right onto the skin! (Especially that Marchesa dress below.)

I don't know the niceties of the way this technique is implemented on fabrics but it is incredible to look at either on clothes or paintings. 

13 Eylül 2012 Perşembe

Blooming Face

Why not try this especially during the fashion week?  I bet whoever tries this will get photographed by Mr. Eyes like a Hawk, i.e Tommy Ton.
Forehead may be a bit too much, but on the cheeks, ooh la la, you're gonna be like Mother Spring.
Also tuck a little bit more of fresh flowers into your hair and ta taam, just adorable!
Who said that we can't walk around the city like a model coming straight out of a fashion editorial?
Juuust do it.

7 Eylül 2012 Cuma


End of the summer means it's time that all big fashion houses come up with their 'eccentric' and 'mostly numb but highly creative' fashion videos sneaking a peek of their fall-winter collections. Well, most of them are the same old story; glamorous, cool and fascinating and bla bla. But, have you seen H&M's 'fashion shower' video, starring Anna Dello Russo? Oh Gosh! I wanna scream out in Anna's face 'Where was your mind while nodding for this whole effing concept of the video?' It's cheesy and cheap from the beginning to the very end.  It's a total disappointment which makes one think 'Thought she was different.'

1 Eylül 2012 Cumartesi


If I was asked 'Of which fashion magazine do you feel most proud to have in Turkey?' I would definitely go for the XOXO mag. We've Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, bla bla but XOXO is'a whole nother thing' and it's by far the most original. And what's more of a blast about it is you do not pay a single cent for the magazine! You just pay the shipping fee if you want the print edition. 

Up until now I was following it just from their site, but I've just seen on Refinery29 that Chloe Sevigny stars on its September issue cover, I've got thrilled! I mean WOW! Not only a site which I consider to be the CNN of the latest fashion news has been talking about the XOXO Mag but also Chloe the Chloe, Chloe the muse, Chloe the OC, Chloe the.......ok I stop, has been shot for the September issue of a free Turkish magazine, that's utterly the most passionate X, the mag has ever received. 

We have Vogue Turkey for more than 2 years, but we still haven't had the honour of seeing a fashion muse on its cover, it's all about supermodels or celebrities, the names you see on every fashion website every single day. No offences but one of them has Conde Nast behind it, while the other one stands on its own feet. So let's face it, which one deserves to be regarded as successful; Vogue starring Miranda Kerr or XOXO starring Chloe Sevigny?
It's like one of them is Facebook and the other one is Instagram (the Instagram before woohooing with Facebook.) Hope our beloved XOXO keeps preserving its super duper cool and one of a kind attitude and not be overwhelmed by a Don Draper-y big gun from the media world.