1 Eylül 2012 Cumartesi


If I was asked 'Of which fashion magazine do you feel most proud to have in Turkey?' I would definitely go for the XOXO mag. We've Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, bla bla but XOXO is'a whole nother thing' and it's by far the most original. And what's more of a blast about it is you do not pay a single cent for the magazine! You just pay the shipping fee if you want the print edition. 

Up until now I was following it just from their site, but I've just seen on Refinery29 that Chloe Sevigny stars on its September issue cover, I've got thrilled! I mean WOW! Not only a site which I consider to be the CNN of the latest fashion news has been talking about the XOXO Mag but also Chloe the Chloe, Chloe the muse, Chloe the OC, Chloe the.......ok I stop, has been shot for the September issue of a free Turkish magazine, that's utterly the most passionate X, the mag has ever received. 

We have Vogue Turkey for more than 2 years, but we still haven't had the honour of seeing a fashion muse on its cover, it's all about supermodels or celebrities, the names you see on every fashion website every single day. No offences but one of them has Conde Nast behind it, while the other one stands on its own feet. So let's face it, which one deserves to be regarded as successful; Vogue starring Miranda Kerr or XOXO starring Chloe Sevigny?
It's like one of them is Facebook and the other one is Instagram (the Instagram before woohooing with Facebook.) Hope our beloved XOXO keeps preserving its super duper cool and one of a kind attitude and not be overwhelmed by a Don Draper-y big gun from the media world.

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