16 Eylül 2012 Pazar

It's All about the Eyes

Let the fashion pro.s rush from NY to London, London to Milan and so on. No matter what they say, I feel delighted by sitting on my cosy sofa with the latest updates from the fashion weeks near at my hand, on the click of my mouse. 
From the shows I've checked up on until now, what I've admired most in some of them is the way the designers use 'trompe l'oeil'. Some of you might have heard this term before but for those who haven't it is an art technique used to create optical illusion, making the objects seem three dimensional. This is my fav technique ever I've learnt from the art history book, and now seeing it being used by the fashion designers is a huge pleasure. 
The clothes sewed up by this technique seem like they are hanging freely on model's body. As if they were glued onto the body piece by piece, or like embroidered right onto the skin! (Especially that Marchesa dress below.)

I don't know the niceties of the way this technique is implemented on fabrics but it is incredible to look at either on clothes or paintings. 

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