24 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi

On the rocks

Q:What would be the reason to love Scotch and Soda more? 
A: Seeing them make a collaboration with a designer for a capsule collection and name it Gin&Tonic and set its sight solely on the women browsing for an evening gown or suit or etc. to wear for a cocktail party at which gin&tonic would be consumed like water. 

I'm not a feminist nor am I a sexist but when I first heard of  the brand called Scotch and Soda, I said; 'Holy shit, this is the best of the best name ever that could be given to a men's clothing brand!'. It really is uncanny. I love the not-pushing-so-hard but 'distinctive' kind of sport-chic style of the brand but I've never ascribed the name of it to a place where women could shop from the women's section. (I do have 2 shirts from the brand and they are both from the men's collection) 
BUT let me lay aside my obssession with the brand's name and give the devil her due. That millitary jacket with ikat designed knitted sleeves is definitely a classic. It's so Scotch and Soda-ish and those sleeves, those ikat pattern (which is my favourite pattern) and that cosy feeling it gives is just splendid.

PS.1: The Amsterdam based fashion brand was founded in 2001 with men's collection only.
PS.2: The name of the women's collection is 'Maison Scotch', which is just 2 years old. 

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