19 Ekim 2012 Cuma

What the...?

Gareth Pugh

The brilliant question of the season SS2013 comes from D della Repubblica after the fashion weeks have gone with the wind:
"Do designers want to see us strolling around in these indeed?"

I don't know them, but I'd rather not see the gals in these way too much 'distinctive' designs. In fact, I don't believe neither do the fashion designers. The thing is the fashion has been showing more and more tendency to the 'art'. That's why a design conveying a thought, an idea or a feeling of its maker has begun to become more important than its being just wearable. But once again, I'd say 'No, thanks. I'd rather not see walking art pieces around'. Let them roll down the catwalk solely.

                      Ground Zero                                                                 

It's like the woman's body is 'visually' under torture. Many of the designs, which I'd give a standing ovation from an artistic point of view, in terms of being wearable, are too much of an extreme, just like the pushing-too-hard-of-a-kind whalebone corsets from the 19th century just to accentuate the hour glass figure, but in a 'modern' way. 

Ann Demeulemeester                           

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