17 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi

Veiling Issue

Lately I've been thinking about the ways a woman can wear a bridal veil at her wedding. You may say why the hell have you been thinking about that, but there has been a wedding photos explosion on my facebook newsfeed for a couple of months. It's like everybody's getting married after graduating from the university! Of course it's a matter of choice so we respect them all, but the thing I want to speak of in here is the wedding dress and the veil. Every wedding dresses I've seen so far on my newly wed facebook friends' photos is a bit too much traditional! The gals don't let their creativity talks for themselves on their so-called happiest day ever, the day on which everything's supposed to be arranged in the way the bride and the groom desires to be, the day on which the bride's supposed to be the most beautiful girl of them all, the guests. But as my boyfriend says they all resemble a topsy-turvy pine tree:/ No offences. 
So, today, while checking on the looks from latest fashion shows on Style.com, Jeremy Scott's and Temperley London's fashion show made me feel as I found something I lost, the answer to my bridal veil issue! 

Why not to choose a hat, be it fedora, boater, beret or baseball cap and tuck the floor length/waist length tulle (or any other transparent fabric) into this hat instead of tucking them directly into the hair by using dozens of hair grip? This is absolutely what I'm gonna go for if I get married some day in the far away future. 

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