31 Mart 2013 Pazar

Je m'appelle Candy

As my fellas already know, I have a huge soft spot for everything that is published; magazines, books, booklets etc. and DVDs. Major part of my income are eaten up by these every single month and no regrets at all! 
And my third but not the last soul affair is with, as you may guess, the short films. I have a huge short film collection on my computer, either independent or commercial. 
But this time when I saw Roman Coppola's name on the screen, while stalking for a new fav on the internet, my heart, so to say, skipped a beat. 
Our beloved brand Prada's updated version of (I hope less) candy scented 'Candy L'eau', which is planned to hit the stores in April, is the key point of this lovely and witty short film.
The main girl of the film, Candy, in real life French actress Léa Seydoux, looks more than just glamorous. Candy colored set design, Léa's charming porcelain face, smooth bangs and oh-so-sweet shade of pink lipstick and polish she is wearing have totally got me drawn into the ambience of the film.
The whole flick is sooo Lula-ish, soo pleasing and soo Les Parapluies de Cherbourg-ish, and for those who are craving to experience a little bit more of it, 


To be continued...

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