24 Mart 2013 Pazar

Woody Wood

Having led a life so far that I assume to be a potential inspiration only for Woody Allen (Man! He is my favourite one, he is the one and only director prettifying even the ridiculously dull lives, even when I'm crossing the street- I always compare certain phrases of my life with the ones through which the characters of Woody Allen go on the silver screen. For example, right now, I'm right in the middle of my 'Milly' phrase, with my goofy and overexcited face all the time. (Not that I've just met a casanova, don't let it be misunderstood) By the way don't get me started with my tempestuous Maria Elena phrase.
Whatever, this tshirt should be MINE ASAP! 
Yet more, isn't that a ravishing tattoo idea??

                                    “Written and directed by Woody Allen”

Scene 4



The girl stops writing, stands up and gets out of the room, hastily.

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