28 Mart 2013 Perşembe

Salut Mrs. Dickies!

You love layering up but sometimes you end up like "What the big F?! I look like a damn Robocop!" in front of the mirror? Whokay then, here is your remedy coming from the very depth of the fashion history; the dickies!
When I was lingering through the scenes at Downtown Abbey to see how they could manage to  look damn so razor-sharp in which John Bates was helping his sir to get layered up with dozens of layers under, I noticed that they weren't actually wearing dozens of layers, so as to prevent their smokins looking lumpy and bulky, they were using dickies!

A dickie, though it may sound like a prettified version of a quite different 'thing' , is a piece of neckwear used to simulate an undershirt. And that fresh and crisp and crease-free look they have is all by dint of 'starching'.
Today, goddam unforunately starching is as dead as dodo but thank Goodness the dickies've made a comeback to save all of us, to give our flesh some space, who feel like naked when head out with just a single layer, be it a shirt, on top. I'm telling you I even layer my bikini tops!
After my lasting research on the internet, I've found myself in a heaven of dickies, yay! (God, how awkward it sounds://) What's more, they're not over-priced! (No offence big fashion houses but I'd rather not spend hundreds of dollars on a dickie!)

The name of this heaven is CeCe Toppings-they prefer calling them toppings instead of dickies, which is completely appropriate for a sedate brand- and there you have dozens of alternatives to pick up from. 
Take a look you're gonna love them!

Photo by Garance Dore

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