17 Nisan 2013 Çarşamba

When did we go 'modern' ?

How would you react  if you saw Vermeer's girl with the pearl earring with a pair of jeans on? If you would ask me, I got bewitched when I saw this photograph on the shelf of a bookstore and I can't help but adoring this phtograph, in which Dorothee Golz inserts the Renaissance-era portraits into the photographs of modern life, since I saw it on the cover of a Turkish magazine.
It's one of the best witty criticism I've ever seen of the contemporary life via the figures at classical era paintings.
If you want to see more of such compositions, you can check Golz's site
I don't know about you but when looking through these photos, I heaved a sigh of longing, longing for the past.
 It's a crystal-clear fact that women have gone much further than one could expect then, in terms of revealing and releasing her body. And to me, that's not modernity, that's a shame. (I mean revealing, of course not releasing.)

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