28 Nisan 2013 Pazar


Are you familiar with the feeling you had after shuttling from your lounge chair to the pool for hours ignorant of what time it is, needing for a rest, leaning your head on the decking of the poolside, thinking about how amazingly 'dolce' it is to live a life like this, with absolutely nothing on your mind except that bitch reminding you not to pee in the pool. That feeling I'm talking about is precisely the one you'll experience when shuffling through Slim Aarons photos.

In his own words, he called, what he made his career out of, "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places". In all his photos he emphasizes this glamour and joy of being calm and serene without even a slightest worry about the struggle to make a living, that's why we get this feeling of exact happiness from Aarons' photos. 

As summer dances right in front of us in a sensuos way during which you can't touch but only watch, Slim Aarons' photography is like a medicine for our souls craving to put their feet on the hot sand.

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