14 Ağustos 2011 Pazar

The tale of Kate Moss..

I can guess that you are on the brink of getting fed up with seeing Kate's (Moss)wedding photos on every fashion site. But for me, i'm not. Because, come on guys, we're talking about Kate here. As Galliano said; 'She is the last one of the England roses.' She is the one who has been an icon for the whole fashion world since she was 16 and always remain like that, even after she dies. She is the only one of her field! Of course i cannot neglect N. Campbell, C. Schiffer or M. Jovovich or the other big guns but for me Kate is a whole another story. Maybe that's because of her clothing style, i don't know, but i've always felt that she stands closer to the public than the others in her field. She lacks this snob model attitude. I mean, I've never seen N. Campbell in muddy Hunter boots (which we all can afford) heading for the Glastonbury Festival....
 She has fully grown into a woman, and we've observed what she has been through all these years. And now, she smiles ardently to Mario Testino, holding the hand of her lover on one side and her daughter's on the other. For short, i feel happy for her when i look at the images above and see her being successful not only at her career but also at her private life.
Best Wishes Kate!

Photos: Vogue.com 

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