11 Ağustos 2011 Perşembe

A Bite of Emmet Cullen!

I hadn't heard about a denim company named Dylan George before until i saw its ad campaign for Fall 2011 on models.com . The moment i saw the shoot it reminded me of the video clip of Enrique Iglesias, 'Hero', in which Jennifer Love Hewitt accompanied him, despite the fact that the models showing up in this campaign are way much hotter than both Iglesias and Hewitt.(Sorry for that!) If i am to introduce you the models; the male one, whom you all probably know, is Kellan Lutz, the one who plays the super cute Emmet Cullen character in the movie: 'Twilight'. And the female model is the renowned Anne Vyalitsyna. They are absolutely like fire and powder together! Maybe just because of the hotness of the models, (no, not that......ok, damn yes!) the whole shoot make me want to go and buy one of the denims by this brand immediately! So, thumbs up for the makers of the ad campaign!

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