6 Ağustos 2011 Cumartesi

LOVE does it again!

If you've seen one of the editorials by the LOVE Magazine before, from that point on you'll probably guess right the editorials published by this magazine. The attitude of the magazine toward fashion is bold, limitless and always enthralling (and a little bit creepy sometimes). For short, it is the only one of its kind! And as for me, that's because there is only one Katie Grand in the world! (the editor-in-chief of the magazine.)
The editorial, photographed by Mert&Marcus and styled by Katie Grand, for the fall edition of LOVE Magazine is another instance of what i've just told you above. All again; the magazine, Katie Grand and Mert&Marcus deserve a big wow! While looking through the pictures it's really hard to believe that 'this is real'. It's like a wrap-up version of a epic fantasy novel with images. So surrealistic and creepy but as always enthralling!

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