12 Ağustos 2011 Cuma

The curly hair: Vol.2

Since i was with my super cute, curly haired friend Maria for a whole month in Italy, i've begun to have a thing for the curly hair once again. Whenever i see a girl with to-be-wowed-at long curly hair, i think of having the same model, but as i'm totally nuts about the straight hair, once again i give up and turn back to my hail-fellow-well-met; i.e my straightener. And, that's probably because i know it won't look that amazing on me at all. 
Just have a look at the girl i've just seen on Stockholm Street Style; her hair has absolutely knocked me dead! I have never ever seen such glamorous, silky smooth and magnificent curly hair before. Even not on Shakira! She could go out naked with that hair, seriously! That's all she needs for glowing! 

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