26 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

Breakfast at Barney's

Although the Tiffany's and the dearest Audrey Hepburn are the unchangeable symbols of every woman's dream, I kinda think as the fashion craze has gotten bigger and bigger every other day, the place where this glorious dream is supposed to take place has already moved to its new habitat; the Barney's. So as the Barney's media creatives must have thought, they came up with this oh so cute cartoon film.
The scene where Minnie goes poker face the moment she starts walking on the catwalk is soo much fun! I'd love to see Grace Coddington too, but naaah, they forgot her. That's a shame:/

edit: Oh! There's also no Anna Wintour! Sure, it's wise of them not to pull Vogue US' leg, never and ever, not even in a cute way, not even Minnie with her cutie pie face! 

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