11 Kasım 2012 Pazar

La Nouvelle 'Vintage'

I know this has just made your heart skip a beat. It seems like vintage but it's not. In fact it's so up to date, from the latest collection of Vivetta. Vivetta Ponti, the creator of the brand, describes a Vivetta girl as "a girl  living in a sugar coated surrealist world, always looking to the past for inspiration, but with both her feet firmly in the present..." She emphasized on the profile section of the brand's website that Vivetta gives a vintage-y touch to the 'contemporary silhouettes' of her designs, and add some surprising details on them. I've always been rather selective when it comes to shopping some vintage clothes. Because there's this tiny little risk of looking cheap and 'dowdy'. So you better spy some pieces with a polished look. And right here let Vivetta be there for you. 
Any time, dear Vivetta. 

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