2 Kasım 2012 Cuma

Hey there Miuccia!

"To want to be a fashion designer was really the worst thing that could happen to me..."
Guess who said this? The last person we could think of; i.e. Miuccia Prada. Who could have known that the queen bee of the fashion world, once upon a time, hated fashion and thought of it as dumb and conservative. What's more shocking than this is Miuccia Prada had her PhD in political science and was a member of the Communist Party during the 70s in Italy. The story from there goes on as we all expect it to be, but the point is how can a woman changed her mind entirely and end up being one of the-or may even be the only (female) best- in fashion world? My answer is just what my inner voice always whispers to me from deep inside when I happen to sniff at an intended job just after I graduated from the college; "You'll never know. Just give it a shot." To me, that's one of the biggest problems which faces the young adults before they begin their professional career. We all assume that our first job after the college would be the one we've been craving for. That's why even myself, sulking and grumbling, was saying 'No!' to all the job options my father suggested me to apply for. 

 "...But my education at home pulled the other way, giving me a taste for beautiful things, an instinct for fashion. I adored that." Miuccia completes her saying. That's the one and only gist-or endeavor I may say-of the fashion, 'a taste for beautiful things.' Creating beautiful things for one's-designer's-own sake and presenting them to their followers' taste is the baseline which the whole fashion world is built upon. 
Speaking of these, I can't stop thinking about the quotation I've seen on Garance Dore's site. That's exactly what I've wanted to mean above, this tiny line between 'getting pleasure' and 'consumerism', that's the issue on which fashion world still centers around and doesn't know on which side to lie heavy.

 " Yes, I know I could stop – that’s why I don’t want financing or people behind me. Because the day I want to stop, I’ll stop! That’s why I decided to postpone the date of the show, too bad if the buyers and journalists don’t turn up, if just four French journalist turn up, it’s enough, there is no point in turning it into an obsession, into consumerism…

Azzedine Alaïa

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