17 Aralık 2012 Pazartesi

Hareem Eroticism

Jean Auguste Dominique's famous oil painting, Grande Odalisque, the one with that fair-skinned lady looking back over her shoulder, gazing directly at her 'untimely' viewer, which makes the viewer feel like a peeper who has just accidentally violated her privacy at an awkward moment. And to me that's the main reason why such paintings are sooo much seducing. 
That 'odalisque' word is originally derived from a Turkish word, 'odalık', which was used for the girl serving the wives or the daughters of the Sultan in the Ottoman Empire, that is she is not like the ones in the harem serving the Sultan sexually. 
OK, now, I'm gonna stop acting like a smart alec kind of art student. 
Given you the necessary information on what 'odalisque' is, the origin of inspiration for one of the latest editorials on TheOnes2Watch.com , I'll give you some privacy with the heavenly beautiful model turned odalisque Olga, wrapped up in smooth brocade fabrics, pearls and antique books used as pillow under the dim candlelight. Enjoy it.


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