23 Aralık 2012 Pazar

Take it 'wide'!

For years, with an incomprehensible persistency, I've insisted on going for 'skinny' type when I head for a store to buy some new trousers or jeans. Even when my sand glass figure of Asian origin began to look like the bottom of a huge (damn those hips do not ever never lie against a cheval glass), even so, I've happened to find myself with a pair of jeans, one size bigger of course, in my shopping bag. That's definitely because I'm was a complete fashion conservative back then(I may still have some traces but that's fine), even if I knew that it's NOT OK for my shape, I fell either for the design or the flashy color.  
This season is officially the one for me, for realizing, admitting and implementing that skinny trousers are not the only means of looking sexy. If you have a sand glass figure,high waisted wide leg trousers with heeled shoes feels and looks like heaven. I'm telling you, a girl should never make light of the effect she can create with such tricks, it's all like maths, or better be named 'visual' maths.


For the freezing winter, I grabbed myself a checked wool pair, which I pronounced 'a classic', from the moment I put them on in the changing room at Mango. They're warm, chic and cool. Three birds with one stone. Define your waist, cover your hips,'ciao' defection, 'hello' perfection. What's more, that 70's look is a whole another reason for me to fall in love with them.

If you are generous enough to invest a lot more bucks on such a classic item, the same ones with different color and material is on sale on Opening Ceremony. But they're 100% polyester and it costs a lot more than the ones in Mango. Don't let the label but the quality talk. 
That's all I keep saying all the time.


Katharine Hepburn

Bianca Jagger

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