16 Ocak 2013 Çarşamba


 Monarchy's hot from the oven super duper artistic video clip on one hand and Dita Von Teese's surprisingly smooth and oh-so-arousing voice on the other, clash them together and you're gonna feel like you're going through such a good artistic and sexual pleasure of your life that you'll want more of it.
I adore that feeling when you get more out of a piece of work, be it ideationally or emotionally, than just the rhythms or the colors, and according to me that essence left in your mind makes this piece a 'piece of art'.

The symbols embodied in the clip, the blood-sucking mosquito(I just loved the extreme sexual pleasure she gets from a mosquito sting), the cartoon female on the TV, disintegrated and jammed lying naked males depict how devastating a life is for a woman that 'cannot' fill her emotional and sexual void.
The retro set design of the clip and the clothes of Dita's, implying how barren the sex lives of glamorous and chic looking slender waisted '50s women could get contrary to expectations precisely fits my taste, that's why I'm replaying it again for the twelfth time, no kidding!

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