8 Ocak 2013 Salı

Salute, Philo!


There are not enough words on the planet Earth to tell how much I love Phoebe Philo's way of Celiné. Whatever she designs, be it a pair of sandals or a T-shirt, they're all clean and sartorially thousands of dollars-worth simple. It's as if she's a modern Expressionist artist, intertwining the fabrics smoothly with each other, making you awe at them while zooming in the details wondering how on earth she could manage to sew them together so impeccably, so invisibly. Touching and gazing at her designs is like a peace of mind for me, rehab for my eyes. They all talk for themselves because each of them has its own character. 
She is the queen of Minimalism of our age. I look forward to see her new collection every season, and here comes the pre-fall 2013. High collar white shirts, gigantic leather belts contrasting with the thin layered fabrics, pleated leather skirts in harmony with the ginger pleated bags , three colored brogues and platforms and pastoral top hats are the new treats offered us by the master.

By the way, the floor sweeping Anna Karenin-esque black coats have always been the thief of my heart and FINALLY, I could get myself one at Christmas from Marks&Spencer. It really has become my lover since both with its noble look and its oh-so-warm feeling.

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