7 Ocak 2013 Pazartesi

A Touch of Lemoine

I've never been one of these people who keeps saying 'I NEVER WATCH TV, IT'S ALL CHEESY.' I tend to use it as a background sound at home when I'm all alone or when I feel blue so as to gawk at it for some time and ward off those bad ideas. 
Anyway, what's more interesting is that those commercials which drive almost all the TV viewers nuts especially because of their 'untimely' intervention right at the most exciting scene ever, have an inexplicable soothing effect on me. And I luv watching some of them so much that I can't help watching them again and again on Youtube. I can't name it but there's something rare and inspirational in them that sparks some other creative idea in your mind after you watch it several times.
Now, let me tell you about my latest favorite. It's the commercial of Lipton Pyramid Green and White Tea. Damn yes, it's sooo beautiful, cute, dreamy and witty. The name of its director? Yoann Lemoine. Who is he? Hold on to your hat you guys; he's the director of Lana Del Rey's 'Blue Jeans', 'Born to Die' and Katy Perry's seductive and Polaroid-ish video clip 'Teenage Dream', and the enchanting 'in the woods' commercial he did for Lolita Lempicka, starring Elle Fanning. They all have something in common, whatever their concepts are, in every single second the image you have on the screen is 'beautiful', and I mean smoothly beautiful, without tiring your eyes. I don't know with whom he works on the set, but the colors in his videos, the set design and the effect are all so wonderful. 
Watch them above, I'm sure you're gonna love them.

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