26 Mart 2012 Pazartesi

Updated Hourglass Figure

The Sartorialist

That's the silhouette I've been dying to see around. I am a big fan of the extra large 'trend' which have become a fixture of the fashion world for a couple of years. But, it's definitely difficult to manage to use these extra large apparels so appealingly. They have two risks; you either seem too boring (I mean the ones wearing an extra large tee and leggings or a a bulky sweater and leggings, that's risk-free but boring, even my mum does this when she can't find anything else to wear) or too chunky. Some people are hanging around like cocoons, literally. My brother came to me yesterday and said, 'What's wrong with those girls? They're like trying to hide their womanly curves and look like lumberjacks or something! Do they really think they look beautiful that way?' Well, I guess he's right. That doesn't look beautiful at all. The point is wearing extra large apparels to get attention mainly to your slim parts of your body. Think about why a woman wearing nothing but a men's shirt looks irresistibly hot. She's hiding her top but exposing her legs. If you want to rock this trend, you really should expose at least one part of your womanly curves.  And that's exactly what that woman above did. You see how wasp-waisted she looks and her slim legs? That's what I'm talking about.

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