1 Nisan 2012 Pazar

Robot Hands

Not to restrain you from that 'magnificent' Sunday night syndrome you're all probably having right now ( God! I hate the first hours of Monday! And, wait, I have to get up in 5 hours and 53 mins! Agh!) (Okay, no panic, enjoy the moment.) but I've a question to ask you all. While I was checking up on the recently added photos by Tommy Ton on his site, I saw that Asian (I guess) guy smoking a cigar with gloves on. How on Earth can those people manage to smoke a cigar wearing gloves on? Especially with the leather and cosy ones, I mean the ones that don't wrap your fingers slimly. Whenever I attempt to give it a try, my hand holding the cigar seems like a robot hand, I can't bend any of my fingers, cant hold it tightly, nor loosely and freak out! I even once made my friend hold it for me when I didn't know in what way I have to hold the cigar with my gloves on. (Don't say 'Take them off and smoke with bare bands.' The point is smoking with gloves on when it's freezing cold outside.)
As a matter of fact, that guy in that photo looks no different than I do. Do you see how robotic his hand looks?
 But there must be a posh way to do it! 
 Or may be not. May be what makes a cigar look sexy is the form the hand takes and the posture of the fingers while holding it.

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