4 Nisan 2012 Çarşamba

Love 'em or Hate 'em

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Wedge sneakers; it's a love or hate issue. They used to seem quiet weird to me; in fact, the idea of putting wedges under the sole of sneakers. 'cause you either have sneakers or a heeled/wedged elegant shoes on. I'm a 'either black or white' type of person, that's why I can't stand these 'bestseller' tshirts in Zara, Mango etc. with chiffon on the front and combed cotton on the back side. Chiffon and combed cotton together in one single piece is unbearable for me. 
But that was the situation UNTIL Isabel Marant came up with the 'hidden wedge' idea. You seem like having your comfy sneakers on but ta taaam, you look 5inch taller than you normally used to do with them. That, I loved! The surface of the trainers continuing on the wedge does the trick. And now that they've become the 'hit' pieces of all these fashionistas' shoe closet, many of the brands've started to lay their hands on them. Ash,Chloé, Marc Jacobs are the first ones that come up to my mind. And also on ASOS you can find them at an affordable price.



Isabel Marant

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