4 Mart 2012 Pazar

Out of the Pupa

If I were asked to choose the most elegant animal in the whole planet, I'd go for the 'butterflies'. In fact, okay this may sound weird, I have Lepidopterophobia, that is the phobia of butterflies and moths. I scream out and run away like crazy when I see one flying over me. But, from afar, watching them float into the sky, but not so high, or the way they settle on the flowers are fairly enough for me to get dazzled by them. Their delicate wings adorned with mostly inspiring and unique patterns on them per se are the source of inspiration. So, that's short film starring the butterflies directed by Ryan McGinley for Edun's spring 2012 campaign, has been no exception. The models moving in slow motion and the plain background completely harmonize with the movements of the butterflies.

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