26 Mart 2012 Pazartesi


I'm kinda addicted to the editorials periodically appearing on TheOnes2Watch, an online magazine which promotes the fashion industry's up and coming photographers, stylists, hair/makeup artists, casting directors, designers, illustrators and more, as mentioned on the site. And the authorities of the site say, they welcome any kind of contribution you make to the site. And this is really cool for the photographers, stylists, models and others who would like to add a new impressive sheet to their portfolio. So, what I wanna say, stay tuned to this site.
I could use hundreds of adjectives to tell you how inspiring and creative and like a breath of fresh air their editorials are. Instead of this, I'd let the pictures talk instead and the surprise is the last two of the pictures below, belongs to a shoot done by a Turkish team, in Istanbul. Wow, proud of you, guys!

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