20 Haziran 2012 Çarşamba

Fashion in the world of Diorama Art

I don't wanna seem like a traitor but us, in my country, or especially the ones who are deeply into the printed media, desperately lack for the art, fashion and culture magazines which exceed the limits of creativity, visually rich and highly inspirational. Under these circumstances, we have to turn towards the foreign publications to feed our appetite. But as you would appreciate, not every one of these foreign magazines can be found in our city, or even our country. Then there's this option of buying it from Amazon, or some other sites, but the shipping fee is almost twice as much than the sale price of the magazine.  To put away this handicap, 'i belli' working for Other Edition, which incorporates 'contextually the most creative and inspirational magazines' of all, came up with an application that you can download to your computer- Be careful, not just a tablet PC, but also a desktop or a laptop- for 7 Euros. And by subscribing to it, you get an access to the every single magazine published by Other Edition. (I guess it's over 40). And every time you open the application, a notification saying that there have been some new issues out, so you click on the update button, and latest issues of V, Interview, Vs, Metal, I love Fake, Industrie and a lot more of such widely acclaimed magazines are downloaded to your computer. Yes, that's the story behind how I finally happened to have the honor of reading the Vs Magazine. 

I'll keep it short, the whole magazine is full of mind-blowing editorials and photographs. I'll show you the photos from an editorial starring Lily Cole in Paolo Ventura's images. Paolo Ventura, briefly, is an Italian artist whom transposes his own stories into set designs and takes their photos. In this editorial, Lily Cole who is renowned for her doll-like face, was placed inside one of the works of Paolo Ventura, named 'Goldfish'. In all of the images, Lily Cole is like a dapper outsider entering into the world of a timeless atmosphere with timeless characters. It's like an editorial in which 'Art welcomes fashion'. I was thrilled by the whole idea of this fashArt shoot. I'll call it fashArt because I think it's way much more than just a fashion shoot. Ah, It's damn so b e a u t i f u l! Enjoy it!

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