7 Haziran 2012 Perşembe

Her Excellency...

Since it was seen carried by 'England's Rose', it has become a possession 'every woman would die to get their hands on'. In honour of Lady Dior, the Parisian fashion house organized an exhibition for which international artists and photographers interpreted 'Her Excellency' from their own point of view. The whole exhibition- Lady Dior As Seen By- feels like a song cover, as a praise to the original one. And so it is. 

To me, Lady Dior is a muse on its own. Damn, I swear I could write a script on it! Tons of ideas come to my mind when I look at it. Epic, dazzling, inspirational, sculpturesque are the first adjectives that are lightened up in my mind when someone shouts her name out!'.
And here are my favourite art pieces based upon the gorgeous Lady Dior. A melting Lady Dior, an exploding Lady Dior, a blood-red Lady Dior being held by a lover shot down and left behind on the sidewalk, and a wooden Lady Dior. 

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