13 Temmuz 2012 Cuma


I'm one of those who (have to) be stuck in the city throughout the whole summer. Friends tell me to 'read a book, go to a swimming pool, put my headphones on, make myself a cocktail, imagine myself laying on the sand....' bla bla. Well, firstly, I am not a pool person and have never been. Instead, I prefer filling the bathtub and adding rock salt in it (and yes, I did this). At least this makes it easier to imagine myself laying on the sand listening to the waves, with a little bit sharper salt smell. And to prevent myself going nuts while checking my Facebook account and seeing billions of photos added by my beloved friends with the sea and scorching sun in their background and smiling to the camera in their tiny little bikinis, I flang myself into my 'legos'. Making puzzles when the temperature shows 40°C really drives me crazy, especially the ones with two thousand pieces. Aghh! I might be a moron in this but me and my inborn impatience makes it even harder to complete it. So, I found my 'relief' in Legos, less complicated and more fun. I even saw a dream last night in which I put my puppy in a doghouse made up of Legos. I hope I wouldn't end up with talking to them:I

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