24 Kasım 2011 Perşembe

Personal items of designers are on the block!

One of the leading fashion, music and arts magazine, Dazed&Confused celebrates its 20th anniversary by launching a time capsule auction collaborating with designers, stylists and make-up artists. They are asked to select a personal item of their own, which best represents their last twenty years. And all these items are put up for auction on Ebay. All the profits will be given to a confederation struggling against poverty and injustice, i.e. Oxfam. 

Knowing that buying one of these items is a good thing to do and also having the chance to own some personal items of our favorite designers'll probably be the best bargain we could ever do. My favourite items that i can't resist to put my hands on are; Alber Elbaz's bow tie, Kate Moss's Adidas trainers, Sarah Burton's embroidered scissors, Stephen Jones's signed book( which i've been planning to go and buy this weekend), and lastly, Karl Lagarfeld's tie-collar-hanger trio. But i guess, having the scissors handicrafted by Sarah Burton'd mean a lot for a fashion lover.

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