23 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

A great eye for fashion: Bill Cunningham

I've just finished watching the documentary film on Bill Cunningham. For those who haven't had the honour of knowing him, i mean knowing what he does, let me tell about it briefly. He's an 83 year old fashion photographer who works for NY Times for about 35 years. He's one of the oldest street fashion photographers, that is when there was no Sartorialist, Tommy Ton or Yvan Rodic there was Bill Cunningham. Every single day he rides through New York and hounds for the fashion trends on the street. To sum up the film in a few sentences i can say that Mr. Cunningham is a real fanatic of clothes, not of the brands, the people or the fame. He hounds only for clothes looking interesting and innovative. I highly recommend you to look at his page on NY Times regularly, it's updated every week. Every single week he gathers the images he shot during the seven days and compiles them under a topic. So as not to bore you, i'm gonna stop here and write down the quotations i noted down while watching the film and show you some screencaps from it, and his old pages on NY Times. 

"The best fashion show is definitely on the street. It's always been and always will be."

"I'm interested in clothes, i'd never be a paparazzi, i couldn't be. To torment people and chase them...oh i couldn't do, i wouldn't do. It has to be done just discreetly and quietly. 'Invisible' i think is the word."

"I just like fashion as an art form of dressing the body. If we all went out looking like a slob like me, it'd be a pretty dreary world."

"Fashion week in Paris is exceptional. It educates the eye. Every six months it's like going to school. You have to go back and reeducate the eye."

At an organization in which he's going to be awarded by the French Ministry of Culture, he keeps photographing the people around him, and a woman comes up to him and says "I just think it's so funny that you're working at your own party." and he answers her "My dear, it's not work, it's pleasure."

"Money is the cheapest thing, liberty and freedom is the most expensive."

And here is my favorite which i also noted down on my scratch book: 
"Fashiın is armor to survive the reality of everyday life. I don't think you could do away with it. It'd be like doing away with civilization."

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