28 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

It's all about the old times

While searching through Amazon.com to check out some new reference books on fashion, i found 'Vogue: The covers'. I've already known about other books on covers of French and British Vogue but i've been always hoping to see the one on American Vogue and ta taam; this one includes solely the covers of American Vogue throughout the 120 years period until today. It's a great source for those who want to see the development of the art of magazine covers in search of the best one ever. But one should keep in mind that “The best cover is always the next one, the one you haven’t seen yet.” as told by the dab hand, Anna Wintour. However, i beg to differ from Ms. Wintour. If you ask me, in our day, all the covers of fashion magazines look the same, and as i look through the precedent covers of Vogue, i can't help sighing and being inspired. There's this creativity in every single cover. Whereas, today, there are only three different styles of covers: there is a woman, a man and a woman or a  group of women posing for the camera, nothing more, nothing less. Sorry, but also i can see no art in those covers when i compare them with the ones in the past. That's why, i just can't get enough of looking at these old covers of fashion magazines. 

The 'V' on this cover looks quite the same with the 'V' we see on V magazine today. It's possible that they might have been inspired by this V. Why not?

I'm thinking seriously to get this printed out and framed and hang it on my wall. It's the most creative cover i've ever seen! And it's photographed Horst P. the Great!

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