27 Mayıs 2012 Pazar

The unbearable lightness of...

Thanks to the infinite creativity of fashion world's beloved designers, there's this reality that shoe fetishists have started to rise in number compared to the foot fetishists. For God's sake, what am I to do with a five-fingered alien shaped foot when there's this otherworldly beautiful shoes out there? Agh! Not to offence anyone but me myself-I guess-have the funniest feet to be found on the Earth. I remember one day going to my mum and saying 'Why the hell my big toe is that much long?!' But when I put on my favourite ballerina flats, ta taam, the magic happens and everyone keeps saying 'How slim your feet look!'. Hearing these I find excuses not to go their home or to my home, because after all these compliments, damn I don't want them to face the reality inside this beauty. So you see? The shoes do the trick. 
Anyway, this pair of trainers below, designed by Hussein Chalayan for Puma, are to be the latest fetish items for maniacs like us. Don't say 'Fetish, my foot! Trainers can't be fetish objects.', because damn, they can! May be, OK, this time I may have got fetished by the design. (Is there a term for design fetish?) The shape of them gives the impression as if they have been concreted at the top speed the owner runs. 

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