12 Aralık 2011 Pazartesi

L'uomo ideale!

Finally, JakandJil.com is back. I couldn't understand why it took sooo long, because "scusami" but i can't see any dramatic changes between the previous layout of the site and the new one. But, never mind, it's Tommy Ton, he doesn't need a showy web site because he makes his photographs talk instead. 
Well, here are the photos i picked up from his "brand new" site, with the extremely cool styling tips for the men.

If you find the pocket handkerchiefs too formal, use gloves instead of them, they look much cooler.

If you have a coat whose colour or the style you don't like anymore, cut the sleeves off and ta taam! You have a completely modernised and classy waistcoat. (I've done the same thing for my black trench coat. )

I know this one looks a little bit weird but if you are skinny, give it a try. Tuck your jacket-attention: not your shirt- into your pants suit or jeans. 

Getting your name embroidered on the sleeve cuffs or on the pocket of your shirt is posh, yes , but be innovative and get it done on your trouser cuffs. 

Ah, that's my favourite! 
A standing collar will always make a man (also a woman) look like a swagger!

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