Montag, 30. September 2013

Bizarreness is the new black!

Do you remember Chanel's last year's ad campaign? The one in which models strike bizarre poses on the couch. When I first saw it, I literally burst into laughter juust like this. 

But after the joy of extreme awkwardness I get from the ad faded away, I got shaken (again) by the idea of how we have been accustomed to see this contempt and gone numb by it.
Yolanda Dominguez, a visual artist, has protested this humiliation of women in one of her latest project; Pose Nº5, "in which anonymous women from around the world imitate the pose of Chanel'S 2013 campaign to highlight how ridiculous, artificial and comptuous the image of women too often is in the fashion industry."
The idea is witty and satirizing right on target. 
And it really makes me LMAO!

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